Salesforce MECCA film

In pitching the creative for this film, produced in collaboration with The Company We Keep, I knew it would require a client who was committed to walking the walk.
In fact, it would take two.
Fortunately, both Salesforce and MECCA are businesses with the courage of their convictions and they embraced the concept, just as they embrace the many and varied people who work with and for them and who form a significant part of their customer base.
The result is a fun, vibrant story celebrating family and diversity, which explores the challenges for retailers in a post-Covid environment and shows how great partnerships can help turn adversity into opportunity.


Producer-Director – Andrew Marsh

Salesforce Studios (USA):
Senior Producer | Film & Media Development Manager – Emma Brumpton

Salesforce Australia:
Customer Marketing Manager, Australia and New Zealand – Melissa Cripps

The Company We Keep:
CEO – Nigel Ruffell
Broadcast & Content Producer – Greer Bolomey

Director of Photography – Evan Papageorgiou

Editor – Darren Ralph